Gold Medal Project

The Atlanta Performance Volleyball Gold Medal Project (GMP) is a year-round training program to develop elite level skill in talented athletes who have the potential to play at the collegiate level. It will encompass a large amount of overall skill and technical training, as well as year-round physical training to maximize each players physical development as they prepare to play collegiate volleyball. It will also have plenty of competitive opportunities, but the APVB GMP will be much different from the normal club experience . The primary focus is dedicated to player developmnet. Rather than spending thousands of dollars each year in travel fees, we will focus on allowing elite athletes to work to attain a high level of individual skill through a systematic training program that is used all over the world to create elite level volleyball players. This program is much more efficient and far less expensive!

Players apply or are invited to participate in the Gold Medal Project

Dates: Begins October 2021

Total Hours: 450-500

Tournaments: 5-7

Cost: $300 per month, 12 monthly payments. Apparel , tournament & travel fees additional



Pre-Season Training Program

Sign up today to reserve your spot. You do not have to be a current APVB player to attend the October Training Series.

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