Introducing the “APVB GOLD MEDAL PROJECT ” as an alternative training program built around player development. Focused and intense skill training will be used to develop the player, NOT spending thousands of dollars on team travel. Tournaments will be chosen for their quality in competition and to meet the goals of the players. There is no direct correlation between player excellence and tournament play, so we will focus on building the player. We will build the player physically, technically, and tactically. The APVB GMP is a “‘College Prep” specific program. ALL players will spend several hours per week in position development training.

“Train More, Play Less”

Players apply or are invited to participate in the Gold Medal Project

Dates: Begins July 2023

Total Hours: 450 – 500

Competition Weekends: 8 – 10

Cost: $300 per month, 12 monthly payments. 

DOES NOT INCLUDE apparel & travel fees